Daddy Day, Dancing Bears, Pride + More

L-R Flavio, Sam Cushing, Sterling Walker (via Instagram)

Rounding up some of our favorite Instagram posts this week starting with Channing Tatum’s Father’s Day reflections on being being a magical unicorn to his daughter:

Cheyenne Jackson celebrated Father’s Day with his hubby Jason and the brood:

Lance Bass enjoyed his first Father’s Day as a dad:

Woofy Zac Efron to bear buddy: “Daddy’s making more flapjacks.” (please tell us that’s a euphemism…)

Sterling Walker completed 41 trips around the sun:

Okkar Min Maung extended an invitation:

Luke Evans took a dive…

…and Sam Cushing stayed on the beach:

Flavio enjoyed a peaceful moment lacking immensity…

…while Chubby Tanuki floated in some bear soup:

Country singer Billy Gilman: “Some people sing for money. I sing for rosè…”

Ben and Peter proved bears CAN dance:

…and Bremen Menelli busted out his own moves & musings about dancing:

Max Emerson and Andrés Camilo got romantical and kissed:

Tony Cannoli, Mr. Gay World USA 2022, celebrated Pride in Wilton Manors Captain America-style…

…Edu got his Pride on down in Mérida, Yucatán…

…while Roberto Portales and friend enjoyed a backyard party…

…and LA Lumberjock and company were loud, proud and gay AF in LA:

David Duelwood likes to sneak a touch of leather into his everyday looks…

…while TheAdHamm likes his leather full strength:

Those times when you’re getting dressed, but the booty has other ideas:

And here’s a shout-out all the dog dads out there…

…don’t forget the squirrel dads, too!

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