Daddy Issues Creates First Ever Zine and it’s Smoking Hot

Daddy Issues, which has become one of the most popular international dance parties in the world, has launched its first ever zine for the public to devour, enjoy, and quench its thirst all at the same time.


The 52 page spread highlights men of all different colors, shapes and sizes in a truly sexy way in a collaboration with Pure for Men and photographer Christopher Sherman.  

Although the name Daddy Issues might indicate that their parties would be for only daddies and their admirers, it couldn't be far from the case.  Hosted monthly in Los Angeles and London (hopefully NYC soon for this Manhattanite), the parties are a welcoming experience for all under one condition… to feel sexy.

I spoke with Daddy Issues co-founder Oly Innes about the first ever zine and what his hopes are going forward with it.  Take a look. 

How did the concept of Daddy Issues begin?


I had worked with DJ Borja Pena a lot of a few different parties in London. I was taking a break from nightlife and he came to me with the idea of doing a new party together. We talk about what we liked and didn't like from the scene and what we wanted our party to be about and there was synergy. What started as a one off party in a basement in Dalston is now happening monthly in London, LA and Madrid. This weekend we are in San Francisco and next year we are planning NYC. It’s also spun off a popular march line which now has 7 designs of tees, swim wear, hats and we just dropped a zine last week. 

What do you think separates your parties from the others?


Borja is in charge of making sure our music policy is always on point at each party. This is usually House techno and disco , we usually have 2 rooms in the front one is always more disco and sometimes pop and the back more house and techno.

But making the party feel totally inclusive to everyone that comes is our main priority. When booking the team making sure poc is always represented is important. We aren’t a party that is all about coming to get laid. We want people to enjoy the music and have fun. A sense of humor is important, this is made clear in our branding by the amazing Instagram artist @heyrooney who has designed us 7 different “daddy’s” from all over the world. 


What inspired you to want to do a zine for this, and how did the process come about?

I had worked previously with photographer Christopher Sherman and loved his aesthetic. When we met we chatted for ages and shared the same taste in photographers, models and art. I knew I wanted to work with him. I grew up inspired by magazines like Butt which were really queer and unapologetic about being queer and sex. His work reminds me of that. I could see he was inspired by vintage pin up, pornos like Honcho which influence everything I do too. It just fit. He fits with the Daddy Issues brand perfectly as his work has that cheeky, sleazy feel but it’s never intimidating, it’s always accessible and fun and he shoots a diverse range of guys, all shapes and sizes and colors which is important. 


When people pick up a copy, what can they expect inside?

52 full color pages of NSFW photography. It’s a celebration of men, all different types of men. There is someone for everyone. Christopher can make any one look and feel sexy. He has an eye for details and an amazing sense of humor. 


What was the process like in choosing the sexy models that you feature?

Christopher is great at casting and casting is very important to him so I sent him a couple guys I was into, but these are mostly guys Christopher found himself. But like I said previously, promoting sex positivity for guys of all shapes and sizes and colors was our main mission. 


Ultimately, what is the goal for this new zine going forward?

We have had such a good reaction. I think since magazine likes Butt are no longer in circulation there is a desire for a really queer pin up zine that is not afraid of being extremely sexual. I had grown tired of gay media which calls itself queer but is afraid of sex. They celebrate diversity and want to show support, but they stay clear of gay sex. I’m done with feeling ashamed or apologetic for being gay and sexual. If you don’t like it or it makes you feel uncomfortable then go somewhere else. Censoring queer artists is disappointing when everywhere you go there are female celebrities with their bits out and no one is censoring them. 

For more information on Daddy Issues, click here

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