Daddy Of The Century, Christopher Meloni, Reads Thirst Tweets

Image via Buzzfeed

Flash Flood Warning! Hurricane Meloni Sweet Talking Hits Hard!

I am clutching my pearls while anticipating a pearl necklace as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit alumni, Christopher Meloni, reads thirst Tweets.

By now, I think we all can agree that Meloni is Daddy of the Century, right?! Seeing him in OZ in all his bare-bodied glory, showing off that incredible big ole’ booty, is enough to have me wet dreaming for days. Yes, I’m thirsty as hell and I’m so surprised one of my Tweets weren’t read to him. If I had a type, it’s definitely Elliot Stabler himself!

Meloni knows he’s a smoke show. What I love even more about him, especially in this video and previous interviews, is he owns his sexiness, is hilarious about it, and is well aware he has the best, biggest butt in Hollywood.

Take a look at the video below and get the daily dose of Meloni that we all need. I’ll be watching this under my covers tonight…

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