‘Daddyhunt: The Serial’ Is Back With Season 3

Daddyhunt: The Serial is back with Season 3 continuing the saga of two men who connect on the social network Daddyhunt.  

The popular digital series follows the romance of a hunky daddy ‘Graydon’ (played by woofy Jim Newman) and his younger bf ‘Ben’ (played by oh-so-cute BJ Gruber).

In addition to chronicling the ups and down of gay dating today, the series also incorporates some useful info for gay men.

The second season introduced the topic of PrEP, and offered PSAs featuring the series’ actors covering topics like condom use, regular testing and more.

Season 3 builds on that with an emphasis on STD testing and partner notification (telling sexual partners they may need to get tested).

The first episode of the new season opens on Graydon and Ben having grown closer and more intimate, but a past love brings to the surface some insecurities and doubts that have an impact on the couple.

Ben’s bestie, ‘AJ,’  (Michael Snipe Jr.) gets a new love interest – but they too face some struggles early on.

And then there’s Graydon’s ex, ‘Andrew’ (David Farrington), who seems to have his own agenda in the mix.

As in Season 2, Daddyhunt again partnered with Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC), to weave in storylines relating to STD testing, and the challenge of telling partners that they might have inadvertently given them an STD.  

Dan Wohlfeiler, of BHOC, had been talking for some time with Carl Sandler, the CEO of Daddyhunt, about how Daddyhunt could incorporate these strategies.

“He sent me the first season of the Daddyhunt: The Serial, and I was hooked,” shares Wohlfeiler. “It had incredibly talented actors, terrific production values and a really compelling script. We started talking about how we could do a second series with a story line about some of the big issues that gay men are facing when it comes to HIV…PrEP or condoms? Or both?”

“I’d previously met Dan Wohlfeiler at an AIDS Conference,” said Carl Sandler, CEO and Co-Founder of Daddyhunt. “After watching the first season of Daddyhunt: The Serial, Dan contacted me and asked if there was a way we could work together on a Season 2 of the Serial and maybe include a public health component to the storyline."

"I immediately thought that this was a great idea because we want to educate our users about condoms, PrEP, the importance of routine testing and other safe sex practices," added Sandler. "By working together with BHOC, we have managed to reach not only Daddyhunt users but millions of viewers, entertaining and educating them about these important topics.”

Along with the four episodes that make up Season 3, Daddyhunt is also releasing six accompanying PSAs featuring the actors encouraging gay men to seek out information on getting tested, PrEP, maintaining an undetectable viral load, and advice on writing a good online profile.

You can check out episode 1 of Daddyhunt: The Serial Season 3 below.

Episode 2 will be released on October 30. Head over to the Daddyhunt YouTube channel for that and all past episodes and PSAs.


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