Dallas – Tallywackers Is Officially Open For Business

DALLAS – From short shorts and tight shirts, to tasty food and full drinks, no flash flood warning stopped the grand opening of “Tallywackers.” The bar/restaurant served up hard-working “guy candy,” and a lot of excited customers. – cw33.com

Here's the local news coverage. Hit the expand option for full screen viewing or go to cw33.com.







Looks like they are open for business!  Official opening day was yesterday, but according to a server in the video, certain customers have been coming back five or so times within the last week so it sounds like they have been open already, but they grand opening was yesterday.

We did a story on this new eatery back in April.  (Breasts or Wieners? Hooters or Tallywackers? New Eatery Coming soon to Dallas.)  We're very happy to see that there weren't any major complications and they boys "pulled it off" without any issues. 

Will Tallywackers get a lot of gay traffic? Looks like it already has and it looks like they have no problem catering to our needs.  Tallywackers took over the space that was Lolita's Mexican Restaurant, 4 or 5 blocks north of Dallas gay bars like the Round-Up Saloon, Dallas Woody's, Havana, JR's Bar & Grille Inc., and Station 4 (see map below).

Ok, I need an investor.  Can we open this up in Wilton Manors next to Mind Your Manors? The spot has been empty for years and I think this would fill it up in a nice way. I'm open to do interviews.

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  1. You can look for one in

    You can look for one in Cincinnati, Ohio next year named "Big Cojones". Trust me when I say it will be top notch, my husband and I wouldn't haven't any other way. A doctor and a NFL player do things the right way, from the front door, to being seated, drinks, and kitchen staff …


  2. Already been twice an the

    Already been twice an the food is really good!  Some growing pains to work through but nothing unexpected or devastating.  I also stopped by for the grand opening which was a party and thank you the community.  Time and training will improve it all.  I'm hoping for a local business that goes global so good luck to all!


  3. Wish them good luck!  Love

    Wish them good luck!  Love the idea.. love the name  .  LA has lots of places like it, but one more couldnt hurt.  The more the merrier. 

  4. I was there at 11 a.m. when
    I was there at 11 a.m. when they opened for their grand opening. I had the chicken fried chicken and thought it was great and it was served promptly with a very kind waiter. My friend had the chicken sandwich which was equally as good. I had a glass of wine which was only $6 and it was a very full glass. The waiter, Clay, was very nice although nervous as it was his first time waiting tables but he checked with us several times and was certainly very nice to look at! I’m sure there’s some kinks that need to be worked out but I’m looking forward to coming in during the evening and seeing how that’s going. Good luck.

  5. Ugh. Sadly, this place will

    Ugh. Sadly, this place will be closed in a few months if the service isn't better. Granted, it was the first real weekend of being open, but there were many problems … Including an unmanned front host stand (waited 8 mins even to be recognized), wait staff that was running around like crazy but doing nothing, an inattentive bartender, a server who didn't know the difference between chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken, having no napkins and food that was lukewarm at best). 

    • dumbass has never been a
      dumbass has never been a server in your lifetime to even critique a grand opening to a restaurant. Servers have to multitask alot of jobs including taking orders serving food and drinks keeping them refilled and keeping their tables however many they have in their section. All at the same time. So if you never worked in a restaurant especially a grand opening then shut your mouth and keep it moving

  6. Ummm when are they opening

    Ummm when are they opening here in virginia cause virginia needs more entertainment in the harrisonburg area the gays are desp

  7. This place is awful this

    This place is awful this place is awful. The service is terrible. The food is mediocre and overpriced. Look at the Facebook reviews after just a few days after their grand opening (I'll give you a hint… They're terrible). I went to their grand opening on Saturday night and they weren't even serving food!!!! I give it 6 months tops. 

    • Guarantee you’ll be the first
      Guarantee you’ll be the first ones to come right back just to try get free food. If you don’t like overpriced food take yo ass to a grocery and cook yourself a damn meal. Period

  8. I know several of these men
    I know several of these men from the Cedar Springs neighborhood and they are nice kids. I look forward to dining there. I hope I see some homophobes and closet-case Log Cabin Republicans there. I’ll get some Tallywackers on their case.

  9. Too much muscle,and not
    Too much muscle,and not enough Looks..rather see a good lookin guy,not that King Kong body…I.wanna eat my food,not be reminded of the gristle on raw meat..Roids don’t look good yall..There,…. spoke my peace..Screw it Imma still go.hehe

  10. Gre8 Idea when do they open

    Gre8 Idea when do they open one in Germany? maybe Cologne? lol would run good!!!!!! 🙂


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