Dallas Wade Under Fire For Marketing His Butt To Gays

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Dallas Wade

Now, I’ll be honest. The thirst is real while holed up in lockdown. Many of us have been feeling it. And in my personal time of need, I may have gone deep down the thirst hole that is Dallas Wade.

Dallas Wade is a model who first gained international attention after appearing on America’s Next Top Model and Catfish. Since then, he’s garnered thousands of followers on several social media platforms. Previously, I had seen some of Wade’s pictures/videos, took my time to oogle, and gone on my merry way. But with Ms. Rona stopping by and sticking her unnecessary butt in our lives for the foreseeable future, the thirst is rising without any chance to quench it. Due to this, I found my way onto Dallas Wade’s social media presence again.


Is Wade Gay Baiting?

Imagine my surprise when I found out Wade is currently in the middle of controversy. You see, Dallas Wade has made himself into an OnlyFans star in the past year. Wade has worked himself up to the top .03% of content creators. And thanks to that, he receives 6 figures a month from the site alone.

All that’s well and good. After all, sex work is work and Wade is putting in that work. But, his recent comments in an interview for model Blac Chyna’s new docu-series, on the Zeus streaming network, has caused some controversy. In the interview, Wade shared that out of his many subscribers, approximately 85% are gay men while only 15% are women. Wade also restated that he is straight. This is where the situation started to get messy. 

As gay men flock to follow, subscribe, and pay Dallas Wade for a look at his body, Wade has continued to state that he’s straight. Many gay men are not happy to hear this. After again insisting his straight status, complaints started to flood Wades’ social media accounts. Many are arguing that Wade is baiting the gay community by intentionally posting several videos of his bare butt. Wade has also appeared at pride events to market himself, according to Gaye Magazine. Plus, Wade appears in videos of gay YouTubers like Jay Versace and Gemini Filmz. Some have even argued that Dallas Wade is lying about his sexuality due to being uncomfortable with being gay or bisexual.

In fact, both these arguments were the root cause of the conflict in Dallas Wade’s Catfish: The TV Show appearance. The end of the episode revealed Wade was being catfished by a gay man for 2 months. This man, named William, thought Wade was interested in men, or else, why market himself to the gay community?

“He has an OnlyFans page that he uses to target the gay community,” William argued. “If you’re not gay then why do you sell to the community and make money off the community?”

His Response?

In response to the controversy, Wade has posted comments on both Instagram & Twitter to address the issue.

“I been receiving a LOT of hate for being comfortable with my sexuality being a straight male but having a large percentage of my fan base being LGBTQ, and I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing?” he wrote on Instagram. “What do you have against the gay community? I’m not fully understanding why there is so much hate. I get it. I show my ass a lot and I do Onlyfans and most my subscribers are gay but how does that give u the right to not only HATE on my hustle and my money instead of being proud but also hate on the gay community?… I won’t speak on the matter again. I’m not going to answer another question of if I’m gay, bi, fluid, blah… I’m STRAIGHT AND COMFORTABLE WITH MY SEXULAITY that’s it.”

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Business Not Baiting

Since I started this article with my own personal perspective of the situation, I have to end it with the same. And frankly, I’m on Wade’s side. He’s said time and time again that he’s straight. And even if he were lying, that’s his own personal business.

Now, his profitable business is all about selling his body. That’s as a model, a social media star, and as an OnlyFans content creator. You could argue that he has honed in on marketing his assets, if you will, towards a gay market. But, that’s basic business. A gay audience showed up for his content, so Wade upped the butt pics. But, he never said anything about being gay. His OnlyFans content is made up of solo pictures and videos. His Instagram photos are of him showing off his body to increase viewers’ thirst. But, he’s never committed homosexual acts. Even his questionably flirty videos with gay YouTubers are presented as gay men jokingly flirting with him.

And that brings up the real problem of the issue. Gay men’s obsession with this straight man. Wade’s not making money because he’s enticing gay men towards him, he’s making money because gay men throw money at him. Even after he specifically states his sexual orientation, we can’t help but look at his body on Instagram, laugh/moan at his videos on TikTok, and pay for his nudes on OnlyFans. (For the record, I don’t subscribe to his OnlyFans. I refuse to pay for nudes. The thirst is not that deep). We MADE Dallas Wade into the financial/thirst-tastic success that he is. Now, he’s just supplying what we ask of him (within the bounds of his sexual orientation).


The Cycle Continues

At the end of the day, this controversy will pass. And Dallas Wade will continue to make THOUSANDS off his body. And gay/bi men will continue to pay for glimpses at a body they will never touch. In the end, we will continue to not learn our lesson.

Writer’s Note: This is the opinion of one Instinct Magazine contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine itself or fellow contributors

Source: gaye Magazine

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  1. First off all, any straight male that produces content of any kind on OnlyFans, JustForFans, 4myfans etc. and does so for the sole purpose of getting money from gay men is wrong because it perpetuates the unattainable straight male gay men can’t have.
    IMHO baiting of any kind isn’t okay.


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