Dan Levy On The Homophobia He Experienced Early In His Career

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Happiest Season actor Dan Levy is queer royalty at this point. The multiple Emmy Award-winning actor is everyone’s favorite gay best friend these days. But fame and success did not come easy for the Schitts Creek star. Levy spoke out about the blatant homophobia he experienced in his early days working at MTV and having to “conform to the culture of the workplace or sit it out.” The Canadian born entertainer knew what was expected of him.

The Big Brunch host appeared on the debut episode of the Phone a Friend with Jessi Cruickshank podcast relaying knowing things at the time seemed off ,


“This isn’t right. But at the time, there was no sensitivity, and there was nobody to go to because it was a different time,”

The Good Grief director continued relaying stories of the homophobia he experienced, “I remember walking into work one day and someone asked me what I did on the weekend. I said, ‘Well, I installed a dimmer switch in my apartment.’ And that person said, ‘Wow, it’s almost like you’re a real man.'” These interactions caused Levy to retreat back into himself, 


“We didn’t have the sensitivity, I think, that we do now, at least around people’s coming out and the fact that it’s an incredibly personal experience. I mean, I think we all knew it at the time. So, when you do feel like there’s this hunt to out gay people of note in culture, it almost makes you want to hide even more because you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself.”

2006 wasn’t that long ago, and homophobia in Hollywood is still very much prevalent. Luckily for Levy, he went on to create, star, write and produce in one of the most beloved comedies ever on-screen sweeping the 2020 Emmy Awards in Comedy. Levy will next be seen later this year in Haunted Mansion


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  1. Sad to hear about Dan’s experience with homophobia there at MTV. I remember working there in the early 2000s and feeling very similar.


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