Dan Levy Opens Up His Home & Heart In New Vid

Screenshot via YouTube @Vogue

Dan Levy is letting the world take a look at his home and personal life while answering questions. And, he looks great while doing it.

Just a few short years ago, life looked different for Dan Levy. While he was always the son of well-known actor Eugene Levy, his own career wasn’t ass successful as it has become now. When tv comedy Schitt’s Creek first aired, not many knew about it. But now that the show’s series finale is set for 2020, many more know the name. On top of that, many know Dan Levy, the actor, producer, and showrunner for the Emmy-nominated comedy.


But what does Dan Levy like to do in his free time? What does his dog look like? What’s his fashion sense like? How much did he spend on that jacket he wore for Schitt’s Creek’s pilot episode? What are his thoughts on Toronto versus Los Angeles? What’s his favorite movie? His favorite singer? His favorite country to visit? And what else can we learn about Dan Levy?

In the below 14-minute YouTube video, we hear answers to all of these questions and more. To find out the answers to the above questions and the other 64 questions, check out the video below.

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