Dan Levy Shows More Skin for Summer

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy surprised his fans after he recently posted a photo of him showing a bit more skin!

(c) Den Levy’s Instagram: @instadanjlevy

In the photo, the Canadian actor seems to be enjoying his time in Umbria, Italy while wearing sunglasses, as well as a white tank top, which shows his physique more than usual. He is also sat in front of a table, and laid on top of it are tarot cards.

(c) Den Levy’s Instagram: @instadanjlevy

Levy captioned his subtle thirst trap Instagram post saying, “@trevor.ballin read me to filth.”

(c) Den Levy’s Instagram: @instadanjlevy

Currently, the 38-year-old actor is working on an upcoming romantic comedy for Netflix, which is yet to be given a title. He will also be hosting an HBO Max reality competition series called ‘The Big Brunch,’ which is slated this year.

Source: news.yahoo.com

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