Dan Levy Signs 3-Year Contract With ABC

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Schitt’s Creek Star Dan Levy is bringing us more content.

Now that the final season of Schitt’s Creek has filmed and is getting ready to release, there’s the question in the air. What’s next for Dan Levy? Together with his father Eugene Levy of American Pie, Dan, who is openly gay, created the cult classic comedy and starred in it too. The show was even the first Canadian program to get an Emmy nomination for the Best Comedy Series.


With all that entertainment world collateral, you’d think Levy would be getting new work. And, you thought right.

Levy has recently signed a deal with ABC, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Levy has signed a three-year deal to create a new series with ABC. This came after a major bidding war over him between several studios.


“Dan Levy has proven himself as one of the most creative people in the TV business,” said ABC president Jonnie Davis. Davis also shared that Levy’s “writing, acting and producing skills will be a tremendous asset to ABC Studios, and we couldn’t be more excited to be in business with him.”

As for Levy, he expressed his utter joy at the promise of future work and new creative adventures.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with ABC Studios in this exciting next chapter,” Levy said to The Hollywood Reporter. “As I say a bittersweet goodbye to Schitt’s Creek, I look forward to the opportunity and privilege to continue to tell inclusive and meaningful stories that shine a positive light out there.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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