Dan Levy Talks All About His Unconventional ‘Big Brunch’

Dan Levy’s unconventional cooking competition called ‘The Big Brunch’ is nearing its premiere date, and the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actor recently talked all about the upcoming show in a recent interview with ET.

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Levy described the show as more than just showcasing delicious food, but also celebrating people from different parts of the country.


“The most incredible thing about this show is that it celebrates who people are. We have chefs from all across the country who are showing and cooking everything from Cantonese to Korean to Ethiopian to Haitian to American baking and everything in between,” the 39-year-old Canadian actor stated.

He added,

“It really is a celebration not only of brunch and cooking, but also where people are from.”

Furthermore, Levy noted that ‘The Big Brunch’ is not like other popular cooking competitions where “people [are] coming and fighting with each other over a stove.” Instead, he explained that it is more similar to ‘The Great Canadian Baking Show,’ which he was a host of for two seasons.


The actor said that the show is:

“A place you want to spend an afternoon. The intention is you want to turn the show on and feel like you’re with us, sitting down for a lovely meal.”

Despite his warm and cozy description of the cooking competition, Levy also admitted that tears were inevitably shed during the show. 

“There are big emotions and people are crying.

I’m a crier generally. But you don’t want me crying through the entire season. I’ve got to save that till the end,” he shared.


The actor further expressed that with each elimination, 

“You just want to hug them and keep them close.”

It sounds like ‘The Big Brunch’ is the perfect feel-good show to watch as the weather gets chillier. <3 The series will premiere with three episodes on HBO Max on November 10, plus three new episodes on November 17, and finally the last two episodes on November 24.

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