Dance Cover of Empire’s Jussie Smollett Celebrates Fight For Equal Rights

Michael Korte is back, and he's here to honor Black History Month.

Queer Youtuber Michael Korte is known for making artistic covers and renditions with fun and inspirational twists.

For instance, his viral hit #HAM4BEY mixes Hamilton music with hits from the Queen B herself. Or, his GAGA4RENT video merges songs from the sensational pop singer with music from the hit Broadway musical about artists in the height of the AIDS epidemic.

But what happens when Korte joins forces with multiple VMA winning choreographer & dancer Anthony Burrell? The video down below is created to celebrate and honor the Civil Rights Movement.

Through a dance cover of “Freedom” by Empire’s Jussie Smollett (which has its own inspirational music video celebrating gay love), Korte, Burrell, and many other LGBTQ creatives celebrated the race and fight for equality of all races and sexual orientations.

You can check out the results of their work down below.

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