Dance Days, Dog Days, Beach Days & More

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts from this week starting off with Facundo Rodriguez who gave us his best post-workout Happy Locker dance.

Anthony (SurfBearLA) began the week looking for a wrestling partner:

Nick Herrera was busy getting dressed:

Bremen Menelli impressed with his vertical prowess:

Lars Petersen (urban_runner_denmark) was all pulled up and stylish:

Davey Wavey got hungry:

Roberto Portales went into ‘movie musical’ mode while shopping at The Grove in La:

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo kept things nice and tan:

Nathan McCallum celebrated International Dog Day with his cute pooch:

Artist Chubby Tanuki served up some bear beach body:

Fitness trainer David Torres got it done:

Anthony Varrecchia explored Fire Island with his man:

And Victor Calderon got a bit cheeky at the beach:

5 thoughts on “Dance Days, Dog Days, Beach Days & More”

  1. @Wes You already sound like a bitter old queen. I’d love to see a pic ofyou half dressed. Can you compete? Doubt it. If you don’t have anything good to say. . .

    • Right? If that is what he calls dancing, I am beyond embarrassed for him. Hopefully he doesn’t quit his day job whether it’s a fast food worker, gas station attendant or street walker.


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