Dance Diva Debby Holiday ‘Dives’ In Deep With Kickstarter Campaign

LGBT ally Debby Holiday ain't one of those sistah's who's afraid to get her hair wet, ladies and gentleladiesmen! Blood, sweat and tears, Mz. Holiday is pouring it all into raising the funds for her latest project titled Free2B — a double album of both rock and dance music — with a fresh new kickstarter campaign


Here's what Debby had to say about Free2B:

​If you know my music at all — there is often a common thread. Believe … In … You! Cuz baby, you are amazing just as you mutha-snuckin are! In your life, You should be Free To Be … the beautiful, amazing, delicious, uniquely gifted YOU – you were born to be! Oh, yes – I will preach on it!

The best part? For those who contribute just five bucks, you get the full two albums. If you have a little more green to offer up, you can then spend the day with Debby and be her special guest in the studio!

Sign. Us. Up.


You can hear Debby talk about her campaign and watch some kick-ass snippets of her performing all over the gay U-S-of-A in the video below.  




Not that there's not enough love to go around, but ever since her Billboard hits 'Dive' and 'Joyful Sound,' it's been like 'Debbie Gibson who?' We're totally #teamholiday 

Donate TODAY, new album in February 2014!

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  1. Love her!  She is an amazing

    Love her!  She is an amazing woman with an amazing talent, and is as "real" as a person can be.  What you see is what you get, and what you get is a Beautiful person with an uplifting, inspirational spirit.  We love you Debby!


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