Dance Diva Martha Wash Returns With The Pointed Anthem “Never Enough Money”

To be truly remarkable, music needs to come from a real and truthful place and no one knows that more than Martha Wash. The duly anointed “Queen Of Clubland” has released her latest single “Never Enough Money”, and the words could not be more raw and true. Wash speaks directly to those “greedy devils” for whom “there’s never enough money in the world” for. The track is a slight departure for Wash, heavy on strings and tambourines, with a blues vibe, but Wash predictably makes it her own. Her signature voice and powerful delivery are undeniable. 

Love and Conflict will be Wash’s first solo outing since 2013’s Something Good, coincidentally her first solo record since her self-titled 1993 album. Wash partnered up with with producer Sami Basbous on Love And Conflict telling Billboard “My producers took me out of my comfort zone and into a new musical direction and the results are both uplifting and thought-provoking. I think that everyone will relate to the lyrics on this album and each listener will get their own message from the music.”

The irony of Wash releasing a track that is checking people on their greed is not lost on her die hard fans. While her career as a background singer for Sylvester and as one half of The Weather Girls (of “It’s Raining Men fame) is well established, it’s her court battles with artists that used her voice without permission that made her a formidable advocate for the rights of artists as she herself pushed to receive the credit she was due for songs she sang on, such as C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” and Black Box’s “Strike It Up”, among others. 

Love And Conflict” Is Due for Release in 2020

Art Courtesy of Martha Wash (Facebook)

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