Danee Bananas Wants You To Enjoy ‘Just The Tip’ on His New Podcast

Credit: Danee Bananas

Danee Bananas may not be a household name yet but he’s definitely on his way. The Miami-based stunner has a lot going for him as his career continues to boom which started thanks to him organically building his social media platforms from the bottom up.

It doesn’t hurt that his pages developed a ton of likes in a short period of time thanks to him being unbelievably good looking. There’s a lot to gaze at as you take in each photo or video he posts which usually involves him shirtless and staring into the camera with those puppy dogs eyes, perfect smile and banging body.


He’s so much more than a pretty face on Instagram as Danee has also shown off his entrepreneurial  side by launching a fantastic unisex athleisure brand called Odyssée Fit. 

Now he’s starting a new journey later this month where he’ll be debuting a brand new podcast on January 27th with quite the cheeky name: Just The Tip. Each episode will focus on him talking about a number of topics related to sex from an honest, funny and education point of view (bottom shaming being one of them). 


Danee chatted with us exclusively about what people can expect from the podcast, career beginnings to where he is now, why he crushes hard on Drake and Rihanna and so much more.

Check it out below!




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