Newly Out Danell Leyva Pulls Off Mind-Blowing Gymnast Stunt: Watch

Credit: Danell Leyva Instagram

Talented athlete Danell Leyva, who bravely came out last month, left us in a state of shock after he posted his newest Instagram video.

The Cuban-born hottie took on two sports at once where he showed off his impressive gymnastic skills while expertly kicking a soccer ball into the wall.


“What number try was this,” he jokingly captioned the insane clip while crediting freestyle soccer performer (and equally cute) DJ Diveny with the soccer ball assist. Fans of his were also treated to a tiny glimpse of his toned stomach as he perfected his brief but amazing stunt. 

The 29-year-old former gymnast, who picked up medals at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics, came out to his 50,000 plus followers on Twitter during National Coming Out Day. 


“For a long time I’ve known that I wasn’t straight,” he began. “But because of certain very personal reasons, I always rejected that side of me.”

Leyva added, “Earlier this year I finally understood that I’m bi/pan (still trying to figure that one out) but I also realized that, as of now at least, I’m not attracted to cis men.”


Speaking to Olympic Channel, he shared that stereotypes about men in his sport, plus his own determination to not give homophobes “the satisfaction of being right,” slowed his coming out process in some respects.

“[The stereotypes were] such a big factor in it, just not giving those people the satisfaction of being right because it doesn’t come from a good place,” said Leyva. “It wasn’t somebody that was trying to help us understand [our sexuality]. It was just somebody pointing at us and that doesn’t feel good.”

Leyva also spoke about how he would “always somewhat reject” his sexuality. “And especially coming from Hispanic family, it’s very much rejected,” he added.

His decision to come out was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from many including fellow out Olympian Adam Rippon and gymnast Aly Raisman. “We love and stan you, king!!!,” Rippon tweeted to Leyva. 

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