Daniel Bedingfield Opens Up About His Sexuality for the First Time

Daniel Bedingfield recently opened up about his sexuality and loving a man, which was the first time that he has done it publicly. 


On April 23, the 44-year-old New Zealand-British singer-songwriter did a show at the London Palladium. During his gig, he talked about writing a song, reportedly titled “Borderline”, with an unnamed man. 

“‘In my era, you had to be gay or straight, or f*ck you. I wrote this song with a man I loved about a girl we both loved,” he revealed.

Bedingfield continued, 

“I’m not very gay, but we were on a hot spring, sitting on a rock, missing her.”


Aside from his sexuality, he also shared about his autism. He talked about not having friends until he was about 16 years old. The “If You’re Not the One” singer also admitted that he “wanted to die” growing up, but was thankfully saved by music and his friends, whom he later on got.

Moreover, he revealed what he had been up to during his 20-year break from the music industry in the talk show ‘Loose Women’, stating:

“I’ve done farming … homesteading, like chickens and bees and fruit trees and food, forests and ecological stuff, you know, regenerative stuff. If you keep manifesting what you know, you’re just going to keep living what you’ve had, so I thought I should rest completely.”

“I moved to a wildly different culture, LA, oh, my gosh, and completely reimagined what I wanted for my life. And I’ve just sat with, what do I want this next part of my life to be like? So now I’ve come to some conclusions. Now, I’m ready to try this again,” Bedingfield further expressed.

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