Daniel Franzese Shares Homophobic Story On Set!

Daniel Franzese Shares Homophobic Story On Set!

He Calls Out His Former Bully Co-Star, Bijou Phillips!

Last week, we’ve reported actress Ellen Page’s allegations against X-Men producer, Brett Ratner – the latest Hollywood executive to be thrown under the bus with his inappropriate past. In a long Facebook post, Page details Ratner’s homophobic comments. Page’s former X-Me co-star, Anna Paquin, reached out to Page and fans on Twitter, confirming she overheard Ratner’s comments. The constant whistle blowing in Hollywood has been low key beautiful! To see a bunch of gross, powerful men be taken down is quite refreshing. Honestly, I think we should owe it all to Donald Trump. I believe as a society, we’ve had enough tireless harassment and are outing everyone who takes advantage of their power.

Page may have opened a can of worms with her latest post. Thankfully, for us in the LGBTQ community, the homophobes will now be exposed. I predict the week before Thanksgiving, we will see plenty of bigotry fall in Hollywood.

Listen closely, LGBTQ community, because the next story will have us lighting our torches and heading directly Bijou Phillips. Media darling and one of the breakout stars of Mean Girls, Daniel Franzese, follows suit with Page and shares a story of extreme, violent homophobia on the set of his first movie, Bully.

Slight backstory: Bully is one of my favorite films. My freshman year of college introduced me to a plethora of Indie films that have shaped my life. Larry Clark is the director of both Bully and Kids, which explores teens drinking, smoking, and having sex during the AIDS crisis. Bully, however, recounts the true story of several friends who kill their friend who has abused them sexually, emotionally, and physically for years.

In a Facebook post, Franzese tells that his co-star in the film Bully, Phillips, harassed him with his weight and sexuality. He describes her loudly making accusations and forcing him to out himself – where he would ultimately claim he was bisexual. Phillips, allegedly, used this against him as an insult that he was only bisexual. On top of outing him, Phillips allegedly embarrassed him regarding his weight – calling him, “gross” and comparing him to Carnie Wilson, of the band Wilson Phillips. The harassment didn’t stop, as Phillips allegedly set up Franzese to walk in on her having sex with one of the film’s stars. In a horrifying tale, Franzese mentions on their last day filming Bully, Phillips kicked him in the back of the head as he sat in front of her.

This story is brutally disgusting. Especially coming from Franzese, who has been proven to be a timeless representation for the LGBTQ community and one who we all adore. From the looks of it, Phillips is on Instagram posting about being ill – and is a Scientologist married to That 70s Show star, Danny Masterson. Yikes. Well, Franzese is living his best life and is proudly waving his colorful rainbow on social media and in life.

Check out Franzese’s detailed account with the actress below:

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