Daniel Newman Trips Over Inclusivity Tweets


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The Walking Dead Star Is Being Flamed For Hypocrisy After Posting A Labor Day Photo Of His Friends


Openly bisexual actor, Daniel Newman, has been rising in the ranks lately. He started working in the ‘90s taking background roles in sitcoms like 7th Heaven and Sex and the City before eventually making his way to landing recurring roles in incredibly popular series like the zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, and the LGBTQ web series, EastSiders. Lately, you may have seen Newman talked about on the gay blogs for his delicious thirst trapping, and while he still wants us to check out his body – his message is raising gay eyebrows.

According to Pink News, in a set of deleted Tweets – Newman first started off his Labor Day Weekend by claiming your tribe (AKA your social circle) should not mirror yourself in order to have depth. He promotes hanging around people who have the same goals and interests as you do, but not the same body type, ethnicity, skin color, gender, and sexuality. Four hours later… Newman posted a group photograph with his friends and virtually all of them are muscular, fit, Caucasian men and one slender, beautiful woman. As suspected, this was called out by many people across the gay chatterboxes almost immediately. Check out the original Tweets below:

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An hour later, Newman releases an apology of sorts. He stats that they all look white, but he has previously interracially dated and half of his family is African American. While more diverse friends like “the brothas and other girl friends” were invited, they couldn’t join due to work.

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Commenters were quick to defend Newman and also to check him.

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In contrast to his controversy, Newman yesterday shared a video of his quarantine body and advised us to remember that Black Lives Matter and we in gay culture should stop body shaming. He shows off his curves in the video below.



Do you think Newman should’ve thought twice before he shared his thoughts on inclusion – or should he be free to post his group of friends, regardless of how similar they may appear to look?

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Source: PinkNews

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