Daniel Radcliffe Shows Off Fit Bod in ‘Miracle Workers’ Season Finale

Daniel Radcliffe’s body is ripped, and he recently showed off his rock-hard abs in the Season 4 finale of his comedy series ‘Miracle Workers’.

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During the said scene, the 34-year-old English actor is wearing nothing but a tight white underwear and a pair of black leather gloves. How did it happen? Well, his character Sid goes feral and tears off his shirt with his hands.


He also rips off his pants and goes on a screaming rampage. Radcliffe’s character is prompted to do this to cover for a friend during a battle. Not to mention, he also destroys robots with his hands.

Moreover, ‘The Lost City’ actor previously credited his longtime girlfriend and actress Erin Darke for his fit bod. In a 2016 interview with E! News, he shared:

“Since I started dating her, I put on a little more muscle.”

“We can’t go shopping or eat an ice cream without being captured by paparazzi. It’s not that we work out a lot, but when we do it, we always get photographed,” Radcliffe further stated.


Now dropping some stills from his tighty-whities scene here:

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Sources: people.com, pagesix.com

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