Daniel Craigs’ Full Frontal Scenes Resurface

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Daniel Craig in the buck? And not only once but twice? Yes, please!

Daniel Craig has become most known for his role as 007, aka James Bond. But, the British actor has had a longstanding career before he got that iconic role. (And played in many roles that he infamously preferred more than his hated role as Bond).


For now, we’re waiting anxiously to find out who may take on the role of James Bond after Craig. Several names like Idris Elba, Luke Evans, Henry Cavill, Henry Golding, Richard Madden, and more are being added to the list. While we wait, let’s take a look into Daniel Craig’s past. And more specifically, look at his NSFW experience.

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Our friends over at Cocktails and CockTalk (site not safe for work) have found and resurfaced some old works for Daniel Craig’s. Specifically, two projects when the actor did full frontal.

The first work is from the 2000 film Some Voices. In the film, Craig plays a man named Ray who lives with schizophrenia. The movie starts with Ray being released from the psychiatric hospital. He then starts to rebuild his life by living with his brother and falling in love with a girl. But soon, Ray becomes disillusioned by love and stops taking his medication. His world then turns upside down.


Due to the serious nature and topic of the story, the nude scene isn’t the thirst trap we’d hope it was. But, the pictures are still online for anyone interested.

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As dark and suspenseful as that may sound, the other film on this full-frontal list is a perfect match. Love is The Devil was a 1998 film and fictional biography for real-life painter Francis Bacon. It centered on his relationship with a small-time thief named George Dyer (played by Craig). In that film, Craig is seen lying in a bathtub with a birds-eye view of his full body. And we see it ALL.

Of course, we can’t share these NSFW photos with you on the site. But head over to Cocktails for the pics. You won’t regret it.

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  1. The same old tired Gay Repartee!

    This one is gay; that one is gay and no one is gay! Same tired old queens wishin’ and hopin’ for someone, anyone, reasonably attractive, to notice their continued existence long after their desirability’s are long gone.

    Yes, there are attractive Heterosexuals alive who have no interest in a penis.

  2. Ummm….yes he is gay. He had a long well documented affair with Jean Claude Vann Damme. Apparently they started talking as friends in rehab for cocaine addiction. They then had a secret love affair for over 6 years off and on.

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