Darren Barnet Is “Not So Timid” in His Latest Photoshoot

Darren Barnet recently had a photoshoot with Timid Mag, and his photos came out “not so timid,” which he also admitted in one of his Instagram captions.

The photos started off quite covered like this black and white moment:

(c) Instagram: @darrenbarnet

But then he slowly takes it off…

(c) Instagram: @darrenbarnet

And BAM! Looking undeniably sexy <3

(c) Instagram: @darrenbarnet

Here’s more for your viewing pleasure. *wink wink*

Aside from the steamy shots we got, the 31-year-old actor also revealed in an interview with Timid Mag that he was nothing like his ‘Never Have I Ever’ character Paxton Hall-Yoshida when he was in high school.


In fact, he said that he relates to Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) the most out of the Netflix series’ characters.

“I never went to one party, never took one sip of alcohol, I was not like any of the characters in the show. . . . My schedule was getting up at 7 in the morning, going to school all day, going to practice for whatever sport I was playing, coming home, doing homework until midnight and going to bed,” Barnet shared.

And if you’ve ever watched him in the coming-of-age comedy series, his character is so different from how his actual school life panned out. ‘Never Have I Ever’ currently has 3 seasons released, and it will have a fourth season wherein co-creator Lang Fisher confirmed that Barnet will still be starring in as Paxton.

Here’s a bit of a SPOILER incoming…

“Well, the whole structure of Season 4 is going to be Devi’s senior year. So what we were going for in Season 3—before I finish this sentence, I want you to know Paxton Hall-Yoshida is in Season 4. He’s in it as much as in Season 3, so the love triangle is not over,” Fisher stated.

Sources: timidmag.com, deadline.com

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