Darren Barnet Talks About Playing a Teenager in ‘Never Have I Ever’



Darren Barnet is starring in the Netflix original series ‘Never Have I Ever,’ and he plays the role of an 18-year-old Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Despite being in his 30s, the actor can still get away with portraying a teenage character, and honestly, no one is complaining when you get to see see that charming dimpled smile.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Barnet opened up about how he deals with the stress that comes with playing a teenage role at 31 saying,


“I try not to get too self-critical of myself when I’m watching it. Like, ‘Oh, God, I look so much older than this person.’ That’s [a] point of mental health that I’ve really had to digest. I’ve [had to] become OK with watching myself and accepting of the fact that I’m not 18. I’m not really this guy.”

Aside from that, the coming-of-age comedy drama also requires him to keep in shape for all the shirtless scenes. And to that, the actor is both a bit pressured, but also grateful.

“I’m constantly trying to make sure my body looks nice, but the focus has been more so on just feeling healthy. So it’s kind of been good. It makes me stay in shape and stay active. Sometimes it does cause a little bit of pressure, but I’m really grateful to be in that position.”


Of course, the success that ‘Never Have I Ever’ has been receiving also means more fans for Barnet, which he was so enthusiastic about.

“[The journey] has been a blast. And it’s allowed me to accrue a very wonderful fan base in these young adults and kids that watch the show.”

However, fame and increasing fans also have its drawbacks, such as getting sent unsolicited personal messages, and even X-rated photos.


“I get some wild ones. I won’t say what, but there are times when I get stuff, when I want to reply and just be like, ‘Hey, respect yourself. Don’t do this. This is not the way. It doesn’t look good,'” the actor revealed.

Back to some more good news, Barnet is also Victoria’s Secret PINK’s first ever male celebrity ambassador. Furthermore, the third season of ‘Never Have I Ever’ will be released on August 12, 2022, and the fourth and final season is slated for 2023.

Source: Us Weekly

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