Darren Criss’ Booty is On Display Yet Again in New Film ‘Smitten!’

Former Glee star Darren Criss has been showcasing his ASSets so much lately that his booty could have its own 2019 calendar at this point.

His role as serial killer Andrew Cunanan in the AHS: Versace series allowed us to see quite a lot of his front and backside as the show progressed.  Now, his butt is on full display in his latest film called Smitten.

He plays the role of Tyler Hutton, a young New York fashion executive whose trip to Milan takes a bad turn when he is kidnapped and whisked off to an Alpine village to be held for ransom money. 

One of the scenes in this film involves him jumping totally naked into a lake of sorts, and our good friends at !! omg blog !! have provided the full motion loops for your enjoyment.

NSFW link here.


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