David Archuleta Addresses Negative Comments About Him Coming Out

David Archuleta recently shared a lengthy post on Instagram, addressing the negative comments claiming that he’s not truly happy after coming out. Is this not an expression of genuine happiness though? <3

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One of the comments that he highlighted claims that “he isn’t happier” now, and that “he has no true joy in his eyes anymore” after coming out and embracing his true self. As a response to such claims, the 32-year-old American singer shared a powerful message for other people “who happens to be where I was a couple years ago at a rock bottom.”


“Despite what people may say of me now, I have never felt confidence in myself like I have today. Love for myself. And light,” he wrote.

He continued by reflecting on some people’s negative perception, stating:

“People’s perception of darkness I now understand is their own judgement and dark take because they were taught to judge and be afraid of anyone queer. That’s on them. Not on me. Not on you.”

Archuleta further shared words of encouragement for the members of the LGBTQ+ community who might be struggling and going through difficult times.


“Please don’t give up. Regardless of what people around you might say, with comments and judgements like this […] Even when you feel all is lost, please hang in there. The fight is worth it. Being vulnerable and just you allows all of you to come forward, and allows you to love all of you after you thought you were supposed to hate and despise yourself,” he expressed.

The “Faith In Me” singer publicly came out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community in June 2021, and he seems to be happier and more enlightened than ever. <3 He ended his lengthy caption by thanking the people who accepts and understands him, as well as those who are “trying to understand.” 

“Let’s keep working together,” Archuleta concluded, followed by a red heart emoji.

You can see his full Instagram post here:


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  1. I commend David on his wisdom and courage and especially on his faith in a loving and understanding God to guide him no matter what the world will say or think. I have been a great fan of David’s career and I’m always impressed at his many accomplishments. His rich soul is evident in his songs and music. I’ve often believed that his voice is that of an angel. I have faith that he will continue to follow his heart and remain a man of conviction and purpose. I pray that he will find true love and happiness in his life and also realize that he has inspired so many of us in the world.


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