David Archuleta Drops Groovy Teaser Video for New Song

David Archuleta recently posted a teaser video for his new song, and he seems to be happier than ever as he grooves to “I’m Yours”.

(c) Instagram: @davidarchie

After joining ‘The Masked Singer’ and being hailed as a runner-up, the 32-year-old American singer recently released new singles, ‘Up” and “I’m Yours”. He even performed the uplifting song “Up” for the first time on live television in the KTLA Weekend Morning News, which aired on July 8.


More recently, Archuleta posted a sneak peek of what seems to be the music video for “I’m Yours”. In the video, he can be seen happily dancing and enjoying himself while singing the new single, and he is sporting a wide smile all throughout the clip. <3

The upcoming “I’m Yours” music video will most likely be released on Friday, as the “Crush” singer wrote on the caption:

“You free Friday? #ImYours” with a thinking and clapper board emojis.

(c) Instagram: @davidarchie

Meanwhile, creative director and producer Brad Hammer commented on the teaser video, expressing:

“Had a blast directing this video for you ! Seeing you so happy and free is the best part !”

You can watch the teaser video here to see how happy Archuleta looks:

Source: ktla.com

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  1. My gay ass has been in love with him since his American Idol days when my family was hating on him calling him the gay boy etc. They didn’t know at the time that I’m gay, was still in the closet. He’s so much more sexier to me as time goes on.


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