David Archuleta Is Looking HOT AF in New Shirtless Mirror Selfie

David Archuleta recently shared a shirtless mirror selfie post-showering, and his followers are loving it in the comments section. <3

In the photo in question, the 33-year-old singer-songwriter has nothing on, but a towel wrapped around his waist. Meanwhile, he captioned his Instagram post with a single spiral emoji. You can check out his steamy bathroom selfie here:


The comments on his photo are very positive, with people expressing how happy they are to see Archuleta’s confidence.

“Love it. You’ve been crushing it at the gym lately. Keep at it! Love to see the inside/outside transformation,” @sundayfunday15 wrote.

“Looking so good!! so much confidence!!,” @melissad309 expressed.


Of course, there are also a whole lotta thirst comments on his post, and here are some of them:

“So hot, I just love your new song, brought tears to my eyes,” @brockmarshall3348 also wrote.

“I’ve been waiting years for a picture like this!,” @kirkadow commented.

Moreover, the singer released his latest single “Hell Together”, which he noted was inspired by his mother Lupe. It’s a song about family and unconditional love after his mom decided to leave the church when he came out to her.

“I asked what made her feel she needed to leave, because she didn’t need to follow my example. She said, ‘If you go to Hell, we’re all going to Hell with you.’ I was really moved by that,” Archuleta shared in a March 2024 interview with Paper Magazine.

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