David Archuleta Performs New Song Inspired by Mom on ‘American Idol’

David Archuleta recently returned to ‘American Idol’ where he performed his latest single “Hell Together”, leaving fans very emotional…


“Hell Together” was inspired by a conversation that he had with his mom. According to the 33-year-old singer-songwriter,

“I wrote this song based off what my mom told me a few days after I said I was stepping away from our church. She said she was going to step away too and then said, ‘If you’re going to hell, we’re all going to hell with you.'”

The song’s chorus reads:

“If I have to live without you
I don’t wanna live forever in someone else’s heaven
So let ’em close the gates
Oh, if they don’t like the way you’re made, then they’re not any better
If Paradise is pressurе, oh
We’ll go to hell togethеr”


Meanwhile, Archuleta’s touching performance on ‘American Idol’ resonated with a lot of people, and here are some of their sentiments on Twitter:

“I literally love David Archuleta SO MUCH ugh what a sweet and kind angel and seeing him perform on American idol again has me feeling so nostalgic #AmericanIdol,” @munchkiniall wrote.

“So glad to see David Archuleta back to perform on the American Idol stage. “Hell Together” is such a great song and that was such a powerful, beautiful performance. So happy David is living in his truth! #idol #americanidol,” @aalleexx101 also expressed.


On that note, you can watch Archuleta’s recent ‘American Idol’ performance here:

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