David Archuleta Reveals a BTS of His ‘Risky Business’-Inspired MV

David Archuleta recently dropped a behind-the-scenes of his “Faith In Me” music video, which was directed by ‘Glee’ alum Kevin McHale and Justin Thorne.


In a recent interview with Variety, the 31-year-old singer talked all about his experience shooting the ‘Risky Business’-inspired MV expressing,


“You don’t always get to see what’s going on behind the scenes, especially what’s initially filmed to what actually becomes the final product.

It was so fun to let loose on this song. I feel it was a new kind of therapy for me to dance the way I do in my room at home into a video for everyone to see. It was symbolic.”

Archuleta had to go through a vocal cord surgery earlier this year, and ‘Faith in Me’ was the first song he released after the operation. In fact, he revealed that the song was re-written to reflect where he is now after coming out.

“We actually re-wrote the song to accommodate where I’m at now as we originally began writing it before I came out. In the end, the main objective was to just go forward with someone and not care what anyone thinks. The sentiment is more than a specific story,” the singer shared.

Meanwhile, directors McHale and Thorne also shared what they thought about filming the music video with Archuleta stating,


“It was so much fun to be able to make a little homage to ’80s movies that we loved growing up. But going with that idea made it completely dependent on David’s willingness and ability to completely let go, dance and jump around in very public spaces and of course he nailed it. We had a great time making it together and he’s also just always the dream.”

You can watch the fun behind-the-scenes footage of the “Faith In Me” music video here:

Source: variety.com

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