David Archuleta Shares Touching Story Behind New Song “Hell Together”

David Archuleta released his latest single “Hell Together”, and he also revealed the touching story, which inspired his new song.

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“Hell Together” expresses the kind of love that chooses to be together with someone, even if it means letting go of something that has been a big part of their life. The song’s chorus reads:


“If I have to live without you
I don’t wanna live forever in someone else’s heaven
So let ’em close the gates
Oh, if they don’t like the way you’re made, then they’re not any better
If Paradise is pressurе, oh
We’ll go to hell togethеr”

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter opened up about the story behind his latest single, which he wrote “based off what my mom told me a few days after I said I was stepping away from our church.” According to him,

“She [texted], ‘I don’t want to be somewhere where my children don’t feel welcomed, loved, and accepted … if you’re going to Hell, we are all going to Hell with you.’”

Archuleta also shared a text that his mom sent him after “Hell Together” was released.


“We spoke last night over text. We don’t usually talk a lot, but she joined my YouTube livestream premiering the ‘Hell Together’ lyric video and it was fun to have her there! She just said after the livestream: ‘Great job sweetheart,’” the ‘American Idol’ alum told People.

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