David Archuleta Speaks Up About a Guy’s Embarrassing Date Claim

David Archuleta finally spoke up and set the record straight after a guy claimed that they went out on a date, which as per his description, turned out to be a cringy and embarrassing experience.

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In the viral video, the guy didn’t mention any specific names, but it was clear that he was referring to the “Crush” singer. He described that the singer that he went out on a date with was an ‘American Idol’ runner-up, and that he lost to someone with the same first name.


For reference, Archuleta was a runner-up to ‘American Idol’ winner David Cook back in 2008. Moreover, the guy claimed that Archuleta showed off videos of him singing, as well as trying to play the guitar all throughout their alleged coffee date.

He also mentioned that the ‘American Idol’ alum was still “butt hurt” about losing in the singing competition even after several years have passed. Meanwhile, the 32-year-old American singer-songwriter spoke up about the matter via a TikTok video, and on the caption, he wrote:

“K i died when someone showed this to me so let me add some commentary”

In the first part, Archuleta attached the video of the guy talking about their alleged cringy and embarrassing coffee date. Thereafter, the video transitioned to him in the car to react to the claims about him.


“Where do I begin,” he joked at the start of his statement.

The “Faith In Me” singer then proceeded on addressing each of the guy’s claims, beginning with the guitar playing, which he clarified:

“[Playing the guitar] is something that I am so self conscious about—why would I ever dare to play guitar in front of anybody, especially a first date?”

“Another thing, I’m so self-conscious about anything that I’ve done on TV—I don’t go around showing off to people. I actually usually avoid making known that I do anything in the public eye when I’m on a first date,” he continued.


Archuleta, who came out as queer in 2021, also noted that he has “never even been on a coffee date.” He also made it clear that him and fellow ‘American Idol’ alum Cook are on good terms, sharing:

“We went golfing together and he still checks in on me. Nothing to be bitter about.”

“I just hope that people don’t think I’m that kind of a first date,” the “I’m Yours” singer added.

He further clarified,


“I hope y’all knew it was satire because I didn’t know that guy. I’ve never been on a date with him.

I have a different type.”

You can watch Archuleta’s video addressing the guy’s claims here:


K i died when someone showed this to me so let me add some commentary

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  1. When I was younger I overheard a conversation about how David Archuleta is gay and this guy knows because he went on a date with him. Which I thought was a total lie, ah how naïve I was.


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