David Barta Is Thriving (and Super Shredded) Since Filming TV Shows

David Barta (screen capture via MTV)

For the record, no matter what body type he’s rocking… Phew! Yes, sir!

It’s no secret that a large part of reporting is capitalizing on someone’s accomplishments or misfortunes. Showcasing a celebrity is what brings profits, but often the articles stop when the celebrity isn’t on some major platform or project. That’s why I’m doing this piece on David Barta… because he’s absolutely thriving in all aspects of his life after completing several stints on reality television.


The 27-year-old hunk started his career by competing in pageants including Mr. California and Mr. International. It’s possibly this niche following – and that smile – that got him in front of reality television casting directors. From 2019 to 2022, Barta co-starred in a number of reality shows including Paradise Hotel, Men of West Hollywood and Ex on the Beach. 

It was during his time on MTV’s Ex on the Beach that David revealed that he was at least bisexual before publicly coming out as pansexual in March 2022. And we’re happy to have him on the team, obviously. 

Not that he’s completely ruling out a return to reality television in the future, but David Barta is actively creating a company and brand that will last long after the cameras stop rolling. 


With years of high-level sports activity in his background, this hottie is a certified personal trainer that currently offers in-person or virtual programs to help you hit your personal goals. A full list of his programs and prices is available on his official website

As well, he founded Premium Fit Foods in July 2023. After a brief questionnaire, healthy meals that are optimized to your needs will be shipped to your doorstep. For more information on that, click here

You can also rent his 2018 Porsche…?

I’m genuinely happy to see Barta happy and thriving after such a pivotal moment in his life. The sky is the limit, so keep hustling. But in the meantime… Let’s look at some sexy snaps. 



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