David Beckham Sent Ryan Reynolds As Loving Comment On Instagram

Internet users and fans of celebrities love it when social media allows us to see the fun, funny, and human sides of our favorite stars.


Last year, David Beckham teamed up with Ryan Reynolds to make a hilarious short for the Deadpool 2 Film. The two had great fun making the clip and it looks like they formed a bromance that day.

That bromance is now popping up on Instagram thanks to a post by Beckham himself.

On September 19, Ryan Reynolds posted about the filming of a future project of his. Then in the comments of the post Beckham popped in to give his bud a loving compliment.


“God you are handsome,” Beckham said.

The bromance doesn’t stop at just online comments and video though, as it continued in tv show interviews as well.


The two shared time together while on the Graham Norton Show back in May. The two enjoyed time talking about their Deadpool shoot and Beckham’s kids.

We’ve got to say, this has brought up the idea of a bromance film between Beckham and Reynolds into our heads. If Beckham ever wants to work more as an actor, that’s one film we’d definitely go see.

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