David Dawson Talks About Filming Sex Scenes for ‘My Policeman’

During the world premiere of ‘My Policeman’ at Toronto International Film Festival, David Dawson talked about what went on behind-the-scenes while filming the sex scenes for the movie with Harry Styles.

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The 40-year-old actor commended director Michael Grandage for how he created a safe space while filming wherein they had an intimacy coordinator to guide them.


“[Director] Michael Grandage was wonderful in that respect. He created a space that was full of nothing but support, and brought on a wonderful intimacy coordinator, and the four of us explored what we wanted those scenes to be, together,” Dawson stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

He also shared a peek into his working relationship with Styles saying,

“Me and Harry promised each other we would always look out for each other during it. I can’t emphasize the importance of an intimacy coordinator enough.”

Dawson then revealed how he met the “Late Night Talking” singer via Zoom, and how the two of them eventually built a friendship, leading to their effective onscreen chemistry.


“Because of COVID, we had to do our meet and greet on Zoom. The day Michael says ‘You’re going to be meeting Harry Styles on Zoom,’ [you think], How strange is life. Very quickly you have to get rid of the musician you knew him as before.

He’s a good Northern lad like myself. And we had the luxury of a three-week rehearsal process to build on that friendship and chemistry,” The ‘Peaky Blinders’ actor stated.

Dawson plays the role of a museum curator who falls in love with a policeman named Tom played by Styles during the 1950s when homosexuality was forbidden in Britain. Moreover, ‘My Policeman’ will be showing in selected theaters on October 21, and it will also be released on Prime Video on November 4.

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  1. Genuine intimacy? Ha! This isn’t a documentary. It is a fictional story. They are actors doing a performance which has been scripted and rehearsed. Sure, it should come across as believable to the audience, else they haven’t done well as actors. But sorry, this movie isn’t going to give you the true life passion you’ve been fantasizing about.


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