David Hernandez’s Latest Video “Boomerang” Brings The Diversity To Summer Music

David Hernandez has released music that has covered topic ranging from addiction (“Break”) to relationships (“Last Supper”) both of which are off of his late 2018 release Kingdom; the Mixtape. Right now, we all could use a release of any sort, and that is exactly what Hernandez is bringing us, as he drops the video for his brand new single “Boomerang”. 

Photo Credit Arno Diem/David Hernandez

“The vibe of the song is love all the way around so I wanted to show love in all different shapes and sizes,” explains Hernandez about the multi-faceted people showcased in the video. In one scene, Mikalah makes out with a girl. In another scene, Hernandez is captured making out with real-life boyfriend Derek Caldera. (Hernandez officially came out in 2016 with the release of his emotional single, simply titled “Beautiful”.)

Photo Credit Arno Diem/David Hernandez

Choreography for “Boomerang” is by Nico O’Connor and Jesse Rey & was shot in Palm Springs during the pandemic. The music video features David partying in the hot California summer sun along with American Idol’s Mikalah Gordon and World of Dance‘s Abi Perl.

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