DC Patrons Shocked By Queen’s Failed Rail Stunt


Maybe some stunts just shouldn’t be done.

We’ve all seen a performance failure or two before. And thanks to the internet, we’ve seen plenty of them from a safe distance. Now, the below video is another one to place on our lists. In the below video, which has gained some traction on Twitter, we see a drag queen almost fall from a second-floor railing of a bar.


According to the Twitter user who posted the video, the moment happened on March 1st at the Drag Brunch at Washington, D.C.’s Red Rocks establishment. While the clientele drank mimosas and light meals, the London queen Geneva Confection decided it’d be fun to hang off the side of the second-floor railing. You already know how well that went.

Thankfully, Geneva was able to catch herself before falling to the first floor. She then gained the help of some kind gentelmen to get back up. (The Twitter users ReggieRiich was able to record both parts of the moment.) And like the pro that she is, Geneva went straight back into performing Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.”


But funny (or scary) enough, this isn’t the first time that Geneva has tried that railing trick. As she told Queerty, “I’d be lying if I said I haven’t jumped on the banister before. It’s a trick that generally freaks people out and I’ve been able to control before but yesterday things didn’t go as planned.”

While it certainly failed this time, and the business may want to stop her from trying it again, we’re sure Geneva’s getting some good publicity for attempting the stunt. So, it was probably worth it. Trying it again though? Maybe not.


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