DC’s ‘Infinite Frontier’ #0 Brings New Status For Green Lantern

After 80 years since first appearance, the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott comes out. (Photo Credit: Gary Frank via DC Comics)

Spoilers for DC Comics’ Infinite Frontier #0!!

An iconic character in the DC Comics Universe has become the latest member of the LGBTQ community.  Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, has come out as gay.

The cover of ‘All-American Comics’ #16, the first appearance of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott. (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

The character, who first appeared in the 1940s comic All-American Comics #16, appears in the March 2nd comic, Infinite Frontier #0 where Scott talks with his children, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (Jade) and Todd Rice (Obsidian) about his life.  As Scott struggles to say the words, Rice, who is also gay, knowing what his father is going to say, gives Scott the encouragement to come out.

From DC Comics’ ‘Infinite Frontier’ #0 (Photo Credit: DC Comics)
From DC Comics’ ‘Infinite Frontier’ #0 (Photo Credit: DC Comics)
From DC Comics’ ‘Infinite Frontier’ #0 (Photo Credit: DC Comics)


This is not the first time Alan Scott has been written as gay. In the 2012 book, Earth 2, which is set in a different reality with Scott and his Justice Society teammates rebooted.  In the first issue of Earth 2, Scott’s lover, Sam, is killed in a train wreck.

‘Earth 2’ Alan Scott (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

While the moment in Infinite Frontier #0 is the official coming out of the Golden Age character, there has been a previous mention of Scott’s sexuality.  In the story, “The Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light” from the 2020 comic, Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super-Spectacular, it is subtly alluded that Scott and another character were lovers.

Excerpt from “The Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light” (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

Both this story and the Infinite Frontier coming out scene are both written by openly bisexual writer, James Tynion IV, who is also writer for the comic Batman.

Tynion received high praise for the scene in Infinite Frontier by fellow openly gay comics writer and artist, Phil Jimenez.

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