Deadline Claims Pence Has COVID-19

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A Major Hollywood Trade Falsely Released An Article Stating Mike Pence Contracted Coronavirus

Over the last few years we keep hearing screams of “fake news” every time we turn on our televisions or open up a mobile app. There’s a long argument on who provides unbiased facts, who is biased, who is not news but opinion – the list goes on and is unbearable to keep up with, but you likely know this. There are outlets that provide us with factual news based on their industry, Hollywood has a handful of them. One of these news outlets is Deadline. Deadline tends to relay entertainment-based information only and occasionally does a crossover into whatever may fit within their realm. However, the print and digital magazine got caught posting a very pointed article that was taken down but is still raising eyebrows.

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On Thursday evening, Deadline released an article headline claiming Vice President Mike Pence has contracted COVID-19 eight days after reigning President Donald Trump. To preemptively create a very specific article that Pence has contracted the Coronavirus is really absurd and someone over at Deadline absolutely lost their job overnight because of this flub. They wrote a detailed article (below) that states Pence personally (?) announced he contracted the virus and is the twenty-first person in the current White House to have done so. The article was released via Twitter which a drafted headline stated: Don’t release until news crosses AKA this becomes a headline. This article is dangerous and makes you wonder if someone was making a wish of ill will, poking fun at a deadly global pandemic, or has some insider information that is being leaked from the current Administration. Either way, it’s horrifying and confusing.

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Deadline released an apology saying that the article was never meant to be published and they will take steps to assure it never happens again. That’s a very curious response. Now we’ll have to wait to see if this information will eventually be true.

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What do you think of Deadline releasing this strange article on accident?

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