Deaf Doctor is this Week’s Instinct Hottie

We first got to know Lorne Farovitch AKA @deaf_doctor_nyc through his thirst-provoking pictures on Instagram. His adorable face draws you in, but it is his beautiful bum that keeps you scrolling. But there is more to Farovitch than meets the eye. Farovitch is a doctor who studied biomedical science and he is part of the deaf community. Through living life with a disability, the 30-year-old New Yorker has become an activist for the deaf community, raising awareness of the struggles found in deaf culture and de-stigmatizing disability through his sex and body positivity. 

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That is why @deaf_doctor_nyc is this week’s Instinct hottie.


Lorne Farovitch wants you to read his lips. Get to know his mind, his body, and his advocacy:

INSTINCT: What inspired you to become a Doctor?

LORNE FAROVITCH: I went into biomedical science with an emphasis on infectious diseases for two main reasons. The first being my innate passion for the infectious disease field. At the core, infectious disease has a profound impact on us all at the intersection of history, culture, lifestyle, and beliefs. 

Secondly, I have witnessed the inequality, inaccessibility and barriers faced by so many marginalized communities who do no have appropriate access to the health care system.



INSTINCT: How are you raising awareness about deaf culture/ASL and to de-stigmatize disability?

LF: Being engaged with communities to build the bridge between hearing and deaf worlds. Deafness is an invisible disability and it’s often for the system to forget and dismiss the deaf community especially when our voices are in our hands rather than audible which holds a big role in the power status of our socioeconomics. I’ve been sharing thirsty pictures of myself as one of ways to de-stigmatize disability by adding the sex positivity to the mindset. 

To be specific, the d/Deaf community is one of these marginalized groups. They face a plethora of barriers to language and health care specific jargon with no resources provided to them in their language. As someone who identifies as Deaf and uses sign language to communicate and a pioneer in the field, I would like to see this inadequacy remedied. In a world where voice is power, our voice is so often ignored, belittled, and drowned out by noise made by others. My passion is to unite the hearing and d/Deaf worlds by bringing awareness to the power of sign language, and developing resources that would further improve the health care system for the marginalized populations.



INSTINCT: What are some of the stigmas regarding disabilities?

LF: The healthcare system has historically smothered the d/Deaf community in patronizing and oppressive ways, leading to the stigma that this community is incapable of learning, communicating, or living rewarding lives. This  damning stigma has a ripple effect evidenced in the entire system. Instead of taking the stance of empowerment and allyship, there is instead a pity and underlying belief that conforming to the mainstream world is the only way for individuals with disabilities to live a “normal” life. Thus, there is an emphasis on speech, audio technology and other theories in an attempt to normalize. This approach is no better than forcing a peacock to fly—an oppressive waste of time and resources for a sense of normalcy that is neither needed nor wanted.

We are reclaiming the word, “disability” as a positive word because there is nothing wrong with us, it redirects the attention to the system, it works against us.


INSTINCT: How can the LGBTQ+ community be more inclusive of intersectionality and disabilities?

LF: There are many ways the LGBTQAI++ community can come together at the intersection of disability. By acknowledging our needs and recognizing ways to support their fellow community members with disabilities, the LGBTQAI++ community would encourage growth and sustainability. Instead of deciding what’s best for the disability community, including us at the table is essential. By providing mobility access, ASL Interpreters, subtitles, and more. We can become a beacon for accessibility and full inclusion. To dismantle a system that is rooted with ableism and audism, it begins with you. 

INSTINCT: What inspires you?

LF: I’m inspired when people stop and smell the roses, get lost in the moment, and do things they love. 


INSTINCT: What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t know?

LF: My family is hereditary deaf;  which means we have what is informally called the “deaf gene” in our genetics. There are a few studies that show “deaf genes” can provide resistance to several enteric diseases. This is something I am proud of, because I’m a part of the continuation and flourishing of deaf culture and language. 

Courtesy Lorne Farovitch

INSTINCT: What brings you joy?


LF: Simple answer: when people learn ASL. This allows myself and others to be present together while freely expressing ourselves in this beautiful and unique language. It’s amazing to see the delight in the eyes of others once the visual language clicks for them– it warms my heart. 

INSTINCT: What do you think is the most attractive part about yourself?

LF: I radiate positive charismatic energy. Friendliness is second nature to me, I am always connecting with vast ranges of people from all walks of life. 

INSTINCT: What do you find you are complimented on the most?


LF: People usually love my energy, and call me sweet. I’ve been told I have a great smile, and my amazing ass is a great hit.


INSTINCT: What is your proudest moment in your life thus far?


LF: Becoming a pioneer in my field as a deaf individual, there were a lot of obstacles and barriers to overcome. Now, I have a strong resilience to pave the road for our future marginalized children. 

INSTINCT: What haven’t you accomplished, personally or professionally, that you are wanting to do in the next 2-3 years?

LF: I’ve been focused on my profession for so long. Now, it’s time for me to explore the world and keep growing. 

INSTINCT: Have you found love? If so, what is the best part of your relationship and what do you love most in your partner(s)? If not, what do you look for in the ideal relationship? Or are you not looking?


LF: Yes and no. I have already found a love for life, in the everyday moments. For a relationship though, I haven’t. I’m not currently looking for a partner but I’d be open to someone if a compatible person appeared. My ideal partner would be a strong communicator, independent, and most importantly understand that we would share and create something that is not traditionally what society expects our love to be. We’d have a memorable and wonderful unconventional twist dynamic in our relationship, no question.

Rapid fire question time: 

  • What is your all-time favorite movie?
    • Cube
  • Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
    • Henry Cavill. He swept me off my feet when he built a computer with no shirt.
  • What is your favorite cheat meal or snack?
    • Maple donuts hold a special place in my heart.

INSTINCT: What does it mean to be featured as our Instinct Hottie?


LF: An opportunity to raise awareness in the LGBTQAI++ community about the intersection of disability. 

INSTINCT: Anything else you’d like to share with the Instinct readers?

LF: We are perfectly fine when things are accessible, don’t try to be a white savior. It’s annoying when you patronize us but we love it when you ASK us what works the best for us and advocate for it. 

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