Dear White People Season 3’s Gayer Than Ever!

Main character Lionel’s diving deeper into gay culture. / Screenshot via YouTube @Netflix

The trailer for season three of Dear White People is out, and it’s looking gayer than ever!

What originally was a film and tv series with a controversial name, has become a flagship program that amplifies and exemplifies the young black voice and experience. And at the end of the day, that was the point. This writer likes to think of the title more as “Dear White People, From Black People,” and the show honors that by giving a true depiction of the multiple angles at young, black life.


The series is centered on a fictional Ivy League School that’s rocked with racial controversy, which is based on a true event, and it particularly follows a large group of students living at the campus’s historically black dorm. Throughout the first two seasons, the show has tackled topics like blackface parties, interracial dating, the intersection of being gay and black, the pressure to be perfect while black, social media wars, black societies, and more.

Thankfully, the show continues to become more bold in its storytelling and depiction of the diverse black experience. Even better, LGBTQ life has become more present in that depiction with each season. We’ve already discussed our love of Dear White People’s LGBTQ characters (warning, spoilers for season 2 in that article), and now we have even more to love.

Screenshot via YouTube @Netflix

The trailer for season 3 dropped yesterday, and it looks like the series is evolving even further. Characters have new plot stories and developments. The alpha male jock is becoming a recluse/revolutionary, the social activist is trailing the rumors of a secret society, and the journalist is delving deeper into gay society and his own sense of self. What’s not to like!


And it seems like that last character path will give us LGBTQ fans and fans of LGBTQ media something to sink our teeth into. From parodies of Queer Eye that escalate the absurdity of earlier Scandal parodies, to mentions of drag culture, and explorations into leather/BDSM culture? It looks like Black folk and LGBTQ people are going to get an education this season.

Check out the trailer below and start studying quick, as Netflix drops Dear White People season 3 on August 2nd.

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