Debbie Gibson Lends Her Talent to Sir Ivan’s “I Am Peaceman.”

Did Debbie Gibson just make this song an international hit?

You may not have heard of Ivan L. Wilzig. He's an American recording artist and songwriter who is best known for his pop-dance remakes of 1960s and early 1970s peace songs. He created The Peaceman Foundation, a non-profit organization that battles hatred, violence and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

His own YouTube channel (Sir Ivan) says he is a Top 10 recording artist, SIR IVAN returns with another dance radio sensation, this time teaming up with iconic pop star, Debbie Gibson to raise awareness towards gun violence.

The main goal of this song and music video is to help all those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by gun violence. "Gun violence is the leading cause of death among young, African-American men. It is more than the next 9 causes added together," says SIR IVAN. In conjunction with his new release, "I Am Peaceman," SIR IVAN and The Peaceman Foundation have donated $10,000 dollars to the Psychiatry Department of Mercy Hospital in Chicago, to help heal PTSD victims in the hardest hit African-American community in America.
In addition, all net profits from downloads, streams and video views of "I Am Peaceman" will be donated to The Peaceman Foundation. The Peaceman Foundation is a non-profit charity created by SIR IVAN to help all those suffering from PTSD, a psychological wound caused by exposure to severe hatred or violence – often leading to alcoholism, drug addiction or suicide. 
Let's see how they did.



What are your thoughts? Mega hit?  Song of the Summer?

This isn't SIR IVAN's first time pairing up with a female singing icon.  In December of 2015, Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye featuring Taylor Dayne was released.  Once again, funds were and are being donated from this song, too.



To learn more about SIR IVAN and The Peaceman Foundation go to


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