Debra Messing Just Added Flames to Her Alleged Feud With Megan Mullally

Credit: Debra Messing Instagram

Debra Messing fueled the flames regarding her alleged feud with Will & Grace costar Megan Mullally on Thursday, August 22. 

The fiery redhead shared a selfie on set with her two other primary costars, Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes, on Instagram. 


“I love them so much.❤️❤️ @seanhayes@eric_mccormack (Megan wasn’t in the scene) ” she captioned the snap. 

Debra, 51, doing this only exacerbated the rumors about her alleged fallout with Megan, 60. 


“You’re stirring up the chatter with this… c’mon be better than that,” one fan wrote in the comments section.

“Megan is never in anything she posts ever…. and Debra is never in anything Megan posts,” another one chimed in while adding, “It’s obvious something happened. They are both super active on social media and post stuff about the show but never with each other. It’s sad.” 

A conspiracy theory started going around earlier this month about why Will & Grace was cancelled when fans noticed that Debra and Megan unfollowed each other on social media. Everyone from the primary cast included still follow each other minus the two funny ladies, leading many to believe that the show got the axe for personal reasons and not professional ones.


Megan intensified those rumors when she posted and deleted an Instagram story on Tuesday, August 13, that talked about her feeling “the best” now that she’s lost her “attachment to somebody.”

Another cryptic post that still remains active on her page is a message that says “Don’t ask people for directions if they’ve never been where you’re going.”

Executive producers Max MutchnickDavid Kohan and James Burrows announced in July 2019 that the upcoming season of W&G will be its last. The show was rebooted in September 2017 to stellar ratings and reviews by fans and critics alike. Some of the cast members earned Golden Globe and Emmy nominations as a result.

3 thoughts on “Debra Messing Just Added Flames to Her Alleged Feud With Megan Mullally”

  1. More likely Megan DID like Bernie. It’s Debra throwing shade at Susan Sarandon and Bernie all over the Twitterverse. I’d be in a feud with Debra at this point!

  2. Oh for sure, but it’s more likely that Debra only liked Gillibrand and Megan & Nick prefer Bernie or Warren. Debra has been throwing a bit too much shade at Bernie and Susan Sarandon and frankly, I’m not here for it.

  3. It has to be political. Megan probably said she didn’t like Bernie or Kamala or something like that. Isn’t Debra in a feud with Susan Sarandon over some Trump comment??


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