“Deep Respect” & “Profound Love” Was Mutual Between ‘Brokeback’ Stars

Brokeback Mountain continues to have us in a cinematic chokehold. Years after the film’s release, both Jake Gyllenhaal and fans of this classic still express a deep love for the critically acclaimed western that focused on the complex romantic relationship between two cowboys.

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Gyllenhaal, who’s looking as scrumptious as ever at 41-years-old, recently spoke with Vanity Fair about his impressive career. In the video, he opened up about what it was like filming the groundbreaking movie with his co-star, the late Heath Ledger. Gyllenhaal references that the chemistry between he and Ledger in the film was inspired by people in both of their personal lives, presumably gay people.


“The relationship between me and Heath while we were making this movie was something that was based on a profound love for a lot of people that we knew and were raised by in our lives,” Gyllenhaal said. “A deep respect for their love and their relationship.”

Ledger famously defended the LGBTQ+ community and shut down homophobic rhetoric surrounding the film, during the course of its press run. Gyllenhaal recalls how passionate and devoted Ledger was to not only the story, but the movie as well.

“There were many jokes being made about the movie, or poking fun at, things like that…

[Ledger’s] consummate devotion to how serious and important the relationship between these two characters was — it showed me how devoted he was as an actor and how devoted we both were to the story and the movie.”

Gyllenhaal also shared about the moment he realized just how much of an impact Brokeback Mountain would have on people, including the many future generations of LGBTQ+ people that have yet to see the film.


“There’s a moment that I go back to a lot… Heath and I were at a Q&A at the Aero Theatre in Los Angeles, and I remember us going to dinner while the movie was screening. And I remember us joking backstage, and I remember us coming on to stage in a humorous mode because we were just having fun with each other. We sat down, the lights came up, and a man stood up — and the movie had been out for a week and a half — and he said, ‘I just want to say, this is my 11th time seeing this movie, and I can’t stop watching it, and I just want to thank you all for making it.’ And I thought, 11 times in 10 days.”

“I remember the wash of that over us. We were poking fun at each other before we go on, and then the profound realization of — the profundity of this thing washed over us. It happens constantly to this day, and I can’t really express how proud I am of it.”

Oh Jake, as if we needed any other reason to love you. Brokeback Mountain is definitely one of the great films on his long resume.

But if we’re being honest, just about any film Gyllenhaal’s in where he’s uhm… not fully dressed — we stan.

Check out the video below where Gyllenhaal spoke with Vanity Fair about his career:

Source: Out   ,  Vanity Fair

3 thoughts on ““Deep Respect” & “Profound Love” Was Mutual Between ‘Brokeback’ Stars”

  1. This movie was groundbreaking! And it showed “love”, not just animalistic sex. It made their relationship very human. Some may dismiss it with derisive comments, but actually they are showing their uncomfortableness in having feelings that challenged their paradigm and old beliefs. Brokeback Mountain was “so real” that it tore down many walls and barriers and exposed the ugly truth of discrimination at its worst levels. The actors were superb, brave and valiant. Jake is still great. We sorely miss the roles Heath could have played. But we cannot and will not forget their fantastic acting chops in Brokeback Mountain!

  2. It is a sad movie.These men truly loved ach other. I especially liked the scene with Jack’s mother and Ennis.
    I admit to conservative religious views but their love and pain was real.

  3. I loved Broke back mountain, I believe that’s where I fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal, I try to watch every movie, catch every picture of him , even follow him on Instagram.Jake is such a hot actor and I could look in those eyes all day long, Best of luck to Jake in his acting career cause he is the best!!


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