Definitely-Not-Gay Aaron Schock Is Now Shirtless Beach Bros With Gay “Influencer” and It’s As Nauseating As It Sounds

Former Congressman Aaron Schock with Donald Trump (via Instagram)
Former Congressman Aaron Schock with Donald Trump (via Instagram)

Absolutely-totally-not-gay disgraced former Congressman Aaron Schock has resurfaced. This narrative has a way of steadily getting more twisted and stranger-than-fiction. 

This weekend, New York-based Gay Instagrammer Jeremy Cornier posted a photo of himself with the former Illinois representative in Malibu, captioned “Beach Bros.”


It wasn’t long before many of Cormier’s 26k followers struck back, noting that this was in unbelievably poor taste given Schock’s opportunistic history of voting against LGBTQ rights. He voted against gay marriage and against repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. 

Just for some context on Cormier. He’s a social media “influencer” who frequently posts pics of himself shirtless–sometimes wet, sometimes holding meat, and sometimes holding alcohol. Very original, provocative and creative stuff.

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