“Degrassi” Added Its First Genderqueer Character

The Canadian drama Degrassi has always been the type of show willing to talk about all aspects of teen life.

The show has handled topics like teen pregnancy, suicide, death of a classmate, coming out, race issues, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, divorcing parents, school shootings, school merges, strict school policies, pre-rap Drake, and so much more.

And it looks like in what seems like its hundredth season, but is really just its fourth season in it’s fourth series iteration, the show is presenting its first genderqueer character.

The show has always been LGBTQ inclusive. It had wonderful gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters before, but this is the first time that a genderqueer character has been added.

In Degrassi: The Next Class, this new member is one that’s already been around.

Junior Yael starts to question her sexuality in the episode #FactsOnly and kisses her best friend Lola. This then only confuses her more and has her start to question if its more her gender expression that’s bothering her.

“I feel in-between,” Yael tells Lola, “I don’t feel like a girl, or what everyone thinks is a girl. I don’t like makeup or stuff like you do. I really, really hate my boobs… But I don’t feel like a boy either. And I’m definitely not gay. I like [my boyfriend] Hunter.”

For more experienced viewers, the scene may look cheesy and informational, but remember that this is a show for teenagers. Relaying that information could very well help someone in need.

You can watch a clip from Yael’s coming out down below.



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