Deleted Scene from ‘House of the Dragon’ Shows Daemon Is Bisexual

The sixth episode of ‘House of the Dragon’ piqued the curiosity of viewers with an interaction that lasted for barely two seconds between Daemon and a handsome male servant.

In exchange for the defensive power of their dragons, Daemon and Laena were invited by the local magister to live in luxury at the lavish residence in Pentos. During the banquet scene, the Targaryen prince was intrigued by the proposition, but he was also a bit distracted by the male servant whom he gave a loaded look and whispered some words to.

The interaction between them lasted for a few seconds, but it was enough to intrigue the fans of the series. Thereafter, the Twitter user: out of context house of the dragon investigated on it, and eventually confirmed that Daemon’s character was written to be bisexual.


The user posted a screenshot of what appears to be a deleted scene from episode 6 of ‘House of the Dragon,’ and it shows Daemon and the servant in an intimate position in the background. The camera is focused on Laena who approaches the two while they are seemingly kissing.

As of now, it remains unclear if Daemon’s sexuality will be addressed in the officially aired episodes of ‘House of the Dragon.’ Two things to consider though are him being single again after his wife Laena’s death, as well as his relationship with his niece Rhaenyra.


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