Delta Airlines Employee Grounded For Mile-High Club Romp With Austin Wolf

The Daily Mail is reporting that a recent application for the ‘mile high club’ may end up grounding a randy flight attendant permanently.

Woofy adult performer Austin Wolf was on a Delta Airlines flight recently where he apparently met up with an off-duty (but in uniform) flight attendant.

According to reports, not only was there oral sex involved in a small onboard bathroom, but Mr. Wolf, who’s known for recording his adventures for his OnlyFans followers, apparently recorded the tryst.






Shoulders day. Italy, Bologna here I come!!!

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Two 4-minute videos ended up on Twitter, albeit briefly, but were taken down.

However, the videos went viral among Delta employees and the flight attendant has reportedly been placed on suspension for breaching the company’s code of conduct.

Remember, the employee in question was in uniform while doing the deed in the videos.

According to The Daily Mail, the 20-something flight attendant claims he didn’t know Wolf was recording the encounter.

“If the two guys had gone into the stall, done their thing and discreetly left it at that, maybe he would have gotten away with it,” one Delta insider told The Mail.

“But when the clips were posted online it spread around the airline like wildfire,” the source continued. “It was such a stupid thing to do – and then to have it posted online, the poor guy must be mortified.”

A spokesman for Delta issued a statement which read: “This video does not reflect the standards of professionalism expected of our employees while representing the Delta brand or traveling as passengers on Delta aircraft. We have suspended the employee and are conducting a full investigation.”

In text messages to The Daily Mail, the young man said, “I just want to be left alone please.”

“I’m just trying to get my life back on track,” he added.

The Daily Mail reports they have reached out to the 6’4” adult performer for comment, but no word from Wolf yet.







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(h/t The Daily Mail)

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