Demi Lovato Reveals She Relapsed After Six Years of Sobriety

The struggle is real. Mere weeks after celebrating six years of clean time, pop star Demi Lovato revealed she relapsed in her new single “Sober.” 

In the past, the “Cool for the Summer” songstress has been quite candid about past struggles with cocaine abuse, alcohol addiction and an eating disorder. 


Though she didn’t share specifics about the relapse, Lovato first announced the setback via an Instagram post teasing the “Sober” lyric video with the caption “My truth.”

In the song, Lovato tells her fans, 


“I’m sorry that I’m here again. I promise I’ll get help…"



"I'm sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again. I want to be a role model but I'm only human."

Listen to “Sober” here:


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