Demi Lovato’s Phone Hacked – Nude Pics Posted To Her Own Snapchat Account

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Every time I read about another phone hack of a celebrity that results in exposing their private nude pics, I can’t help but think its an orchestrated publicity stunt. After all, long-gone are the days when nude pics and leaked sex tapes could ruin a career. In today’s new celebrity landscape, mega influencers like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have “leaked” sex tapes to thank for their meteoric rise to the top of pop culture. So it is inevitable that some aspiring starlet might try to emulate this bare-booty pathway to reach similar heights. 

The newest victim of the hacked nudes phenomenon is mega pop star Demi Lovato. She’s already a pretty major deal and a damn talented vocalist. She has no need for a publicity stunt. In this instance, I am inclined to believe Lovato is truly a victim here. Reportedly, the known hacker group, “Chuckling Squad,” is claiming responsibility for hacking her phone where she had nude images of herself stored. The group then posted the pics onto Lovato’s own snapchat with a link inviting the public to see more. 


Such a violation is unimaginable when so many of us have private photos on our phones or saved within different apps. I know I do. No shame in my game, but the mere possibility of such an invasion really gives me pause. I literally began deleting my own private pics off my phone last night as I read about Lovato’s ordeal. I mean, I don’t have anything really crazy on my phone. Then again, “crazy” is in the eye the beholder, so you just better be careful of what you ‘be-holding’ in your private pics, because you could get hacked.

What really bothers me about this happening to Lovato is that from all accounts, she is a genuinely good person and a defender of equality for everyone. She doesn’t deserve this. Lovato has battled personal demons very publicly, including an alleged drug overdose just one year ago. Add to that, another anonymous hacker broke into her phone in 2014, posted some of her nude pics, and then tried to extort money from her in exchange for not publishing more. I’m not sure how that ended up, but overall, the last thing she needs is another ruthless attack that could lead to an emotional setback.

People on Twitter had a lot to say about Lovato’s nude photo leaks – mostly supportive, but a few are claiming that it’s no big deal, because after all, Lovato has posed nude for Vanity Fair magazine. So what’s the big deal? 


Well, the big deal is that her individual right to privacy was violated. It wouldn’t matter if she posed for the playboy centerfold; that has NOTHING to do with someone breaking into her personal electronic devices and publicly posting her nude photos or videos taken in her own PRIVATE moments. It’s a fundamental principle.

The images of Lovato have not yet been confirmed as legitimate, however, according to the Daily Beast, the pic was posted to Lovato’s snapchat, linked to a Discord chat room with the message, “Join this discord server for my nudes.” The link was directed to a place where there were more of the alleged Lovato nudes.

Page 6 reports that the photos have since been removed, and a Discord spokesperson offered the following statement,


“We have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activity on our platform and take immediate action when we become aware of it. We moved quickly yesterday to disable the link and stop access to the server as soon as we became aware of it.”

As of yet, Lovato or her reps have not responded to media requests for comment. Maybe it’s for the best just to let it go and move on since the images are no longer present. That said, it would be great to hear Lovato publicly vow to pursue these vicious hackers and take legal action against them. Easier said than done, of course, but making an example of someone can do wonders for preventing future acts like these from occurring.

So, are your personal nudes safe on your phone? Are you worried about getting hacked? 


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